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“Dr. Sandman is a great person and doctor. From the moment I met him, he was very personable and genuine. I had gone to an orthodontist before him who said I needed to have a tooth pulled before getting my braces. But I wanted a second opinion and I am sooo glad I chose to go to him. He explained that I didn’t need to have a tooth pulled because there were other options that would be less drastic and when I told my dentist, she was very happy that I got a second opinion as well. I will be having him do my braces next year and I am so excited!”
Kathryn T.

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“My daughter just finished treatment with Dr. Sandman. Her teeth and bite are PERFECT. I never thought they could look this good. In fact, another orthodontist I consulted with first told me this result was not possible. I never write these things but I really think that this doctor is the real deal. Plus, the office is beautiful and the staff always treated me really nicely.”
Jenna A.
“I could not be more pleased with Dr. Sandman and his entire staff!! Dr. Sandman is so down-to-earth and friendly, and the office is extremely clean and welcoming. My son’s smile is now absolutely perfect and I owe it all to him!! Thank you!”
Paula D.

“I’m about to turn 25 soon and I just got my braces off after having them on for just about a year. After being called every name in the book since my childhood, I thought it was time to finally do something about my teeth. I had the absolute worse self-esteem because of how improperly positioned my teeth were. After doing an extensive search for a great orthodontist, I ended up going to Dr. Sandman. It was the absolute best decision I have ever made in my entire life. I probably could have gotten Invisalign® at my job if I wanted a quick fix, but would the results guarantee a lifetime of happiness? Probably not, but that’s where Dr. Sandman comes in. The staff at Dr. Sandman’s office is extremely knowledgeable and made the whole experience from day one to day 360 very easygoing. It came to a point where they were my own personal cheerleaders rooting for me to get my braces off already lol.

“Going to see Dr. Sandman and his staff wasn’t like the typical experience I have of going to see a dentist and cringing inside. It was as if I was going to see my friends/family. The prices are very reasonable and there are so many options available when it comes to braces. I had Damon Clear™ with heat-activated wires. My treatment probably would have been a bit longer if I had the standard wires and brackets, but the advances in technology made things much better in my favor as well. Again, to be 25 with braces wasn’t really my goal, but I had to have perfectly straight teeth so the Damon Clear worked!

“One thing I really liked as well was early on in the process when they took records of me consisting of photos and molds of my teeth. I went into the soundproof room to discuss the financial aspect and go over the length of treatment. It was private and away from the waiting area. When it comes to talking financial, it’s not cool to have to do it in front of people so they gained my respect, trust, and confidence. If I could do it again, I would pick Dr. Sandman, though I hope I don’t have to do it again. He truly believes in educating his patients and building a lifelong relationship. Thank you Dr. Sandman and staff! I love you guys!”

Grace S.
“Great experience at Bergen Orthodontics. My son’s braces are off and his teeth look amazing! We arrived at my son’s first appointment less than two years ago and were welcomed by a professional staff who were at ease working with my teen with sensory and auditory processing challenges. Dr. Sandman expected great results, and was comfortable individualizing his treatment plan to minimize stress while enlisting my son as a team player. He was responsible for complying with rubber bands and good hygiene practice and the staff made him feel great about his compliance.

“The office is state of the art and teen friendly with flat-screen TVs tuned to sports, and the option to listen to music (my son chose the Beach Boys) to make the experience of frequent visits to change wires pleasant.”

Nancy L.
“Working with Dr. Sandman and his team has been a great experience! From the initial consult to the multiple visits, we were always provided with information all the way. Dr. Sandman will not settle for less than perfect outcomes, which makes the experience that much better. We highly recommend him and his team. 10/10 Experience!”
Javier A.
“Dr. Sandman has helped my two daughters have the beautiful smiles that they show off today. He strived for absolute perfection in both of their grins! He and his staff were always approachable and friendly. My girls actually looked forward to their appointments!! Thank you, Bergen Orthodontics!!”
Lindsey B.
“I had an amazing experience at Bergen Orthodontics. Thank you so much!!!”
Abigail H.

“All three of my children have had braces put on and taken off by Dr. Sandman. He was always professional but also humorous and kind. A really great orthodontist and a really great guy!”

Sarah G.