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Fixed Lingual Retainer
Bergen County, NJ

A fixed lingual retainer or bonded palatal retainer is usually made of a braided stainless steel wire. It is connected to the tongue or palatal side of the teeth with a dental composite resin.


A fixed lingual retainer is used to hold the teeth connected to it in position and prevent relapse, or undesirable movement of the front teeth. Retainers are an important part of the orthodontic process and along with removable retainers – fixed retainers provide an additional layer of protection against relapse.

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Flossing with regular floss

Flossing With Regular Floss fixed lingual retainer bergen county nj


We encourage patients to floss with either a floss threader or superfloss to clean their fixed retainer. Where that is difficult or not possible, a water flosser or intraoral irrigator is recommended to assist in hygiene.

What to expect

Upon initial placement, it is normal for the tongue to feel aware of the new wire behind the front teeth. After a few days, the fixed retainer will feel natural and comfortable.

Doctor’s Tip

Call friends or family on the phone and use lots of S sounds, which often prove the most challenging initially.

Please Note

Fixed retainers are excellent retainers – but are NOT capable of lasting forever! Good maintenance and careful home care generally prolong the lifespan of any retainer – but all will require replacement after sufficient time.


Retention is as important as the treatment itself and is essential to the long-term maintenance of your new bite and smile.


For fixed lingual retainers in Bergen County, NJ, particularly fixed lingual retainers in Closter, NJ, Bergen Orthodontics can fulfill your every need. See us also for bonded lingual retainers, lingual bar retainers and permanent lingual retainers.