Finding an orthodontist is a huge responsibility, but it does not need to be complicated. Your orthodontist will improve your oral health, so it is essential ‌to find one who is experienced, qualified, and trustworthy.

When deciding how to pick an orthodontist, remember these qualities to get on the right track to achieve the smile you want. These are important aspects and qualities that you should look for in an orthodontist.

1. Look Into Education and Experience

It is usually assumed that all orthodontists are experienced and educated, but it doesn’t hurt to check into their background yourself.

A good orthodontist will list their work experience and education in dental medicine on their website, often listing where they previously began working as an orthodontist and what degrees they hold.

2. Read All Reviews

Without knowing how other patients feel about this orthodontist, it can be challenging to come to your own conclusions. When learning how to find a good orthodontist, you can look up reviews online.

You can find helpful and honest reviews on websites like Facebook, Google Reviews, and Yelp. Reading carefully through online ratings can help you avoid any potential red flags and make the most informed choice possible.

3. Know If They Use Modern Technology

When determining how to choose an orthodontist, an important aspect is ensuring that the orthodontist’s office has the latest dental care technology available.

With modern and reliable technology, you know you will get the best treatment possible. Modern dental technology includes high-tech orthodontic solutions, such as Invisalign for kids and adults, and ultramodern digital imaging methods.

4. Find a Location That Is Convenient

It is vital to trust your orthodontist, since they use sharp objects in your mouth. You might feel uneasy during treatment if you do not trust your orthodontist, you might feel uneasy during treatment. It is essential to feel like you can trust your orthodontist so you can feel comfortable at every appointment.

5. Ensure They’re Trustworthy

Some patients accidentally throw out their aligners if they take them out to eat and put them on a napkin or something. The clear plastic blends in well so patients are always recommended to put the aligners back in the case whenever they are not in the mouth. If a patient is more forgetful or has a lot going on in their life, setting reminders on the calendar is a nice way to help remember when to change the aligners every week!

When most people think of orthodontics, braces are most likely to be the first thing that pops into their minds. While traditional metal braces are certainly a common option, clear Invisalign aligners are also a good choice for orthodontic treatment!

6. They Should Promote Open Communication

Orthodontist appointments can be scary for children and adults, especially the first appointment. A good orthodontist will have open communication and be comfortable with close interaction.

This way, they can tell you or your child precisely what they will do so there are no surprises. Additionally, having a good conversation with your doctor throughout treatment makes it more enjoyable.

7. Look For Leadership in the Practice

A good orthodontist has excellent leadership skills, one of the most essential qualities. Your orthodontist should have the authority to tell the hygienists what they need to do for you to get the best care possible. Any good orthodontist will not hesitate to make important decisions regarding oral health.

Should You Go to the Dentist Before the Orthodontist?

Before making an appointment for an orthodontic consultation, you should see your dentist beforehand. Your dentist should assess your teeth and gums to ensure your teeth are healthy and ready for you to get braces.

Do All Orthodontists Charge the Same?

Not all orthodontists charge the same for treatment. Depending on your orthodontic team’s skill, location, technology, and materials used. A more experienced orthodontist typically costs more, as they are qualified to handle more complex cases.

Many patients feel that paying a little more is worth it for better results and peace of mind. For example, one orthodontist’s office might have more advanced technology than another, so they need to charge more for treatment.

Final Thoughts

While figuring out how to choose an orthodontist might seem overwhelming, the decision isn’t so tough once you do your research. A good orthodontist should be trustworthy, reliable, and able to openly communicate.

Additionally, their office should use high-quality equipment ‌and run effectively due to good leadership. At Bergen Orthodontics, we prioritize our patients and strive to provide the best treatment. Learn more about our office today!